Monday, August 11, 2008

Tenue de Nîmes - Copenhagen

Copenhagen was great. We don't understand that only a few shops from Holland go there to visit the CPH fair. Off-course, the weather is less nice than Barcelona and the Danish prefer beer over cocktails - but the city is such an outstanding inspiration. Our field of interest during the CPH was divided into two parts: The Vision fair and the Gallery fair. The two fairs used to be one, but due to a conflict between the two founders they decided to split up. Friday we went to Gallery in Forum. We visited our personal favorite brands such as Camilla Norrback, Whyszeck & Velour afterwards we went to the fashion show of Bitte Kai Rand. At the end of the day René and I went to the CPH Vision, the more jeans orientated of the two fairs. There we met our friends from Denim Demon and IJIN Material. During the weekend we did two big collection presentations together and we can only say one thing: the collection for Spring '09 looks stunning! We will give a preview later this week! Merci, Menno & René.

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