Thursday, August 7, 2008

Tenue de Nîmes - A Denim Platform - 1st page

Nothing like a blank piece of paper and my lovely Mac. This is it, our first Tenue de Nîmes blog. We will use this space to inform you guys about the lovely things we see around us. We love to be inspired and hope to be able to inspire others with our posts. This weekend we are heading towards Copenhagen to attend the Gallery and Vision fair together with our Swedish friends from VOX. It will become a weekend filled with denim fetishists. René always says people from Japan are the most devoted denim fans of the world. I consider Stockholm to be the denim capital of the world. The truth will probably be somewhere in between. Fact is that we will be meeting a lot of nice people from both countries this weekend to discuss the development of Denim Demon and IJIN Material. After the weekend we will start having a carefully selected amount of meetings with Holland's best denim outlets. We can only say that we are very excited to be part of this world today. Merci, Menno & René.

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