Sunday, October 19, 2008

Broken hand by denim wall

Friday was not the best day we had so far. Because we desperately wanted our denim closet to be built out of French train beams we made our 'denim mission' a bit more complicated again. On Friday our supplier dropped off 4500 kg's of wood that had to be carried into the shop - by hand - before the end of the day. After 15 pieces of 80 kg's each, René dropped one of the beams on my hand and my day was finished. Only a short visit at the hospital later the hand turned out to be broken. It is a disaster for our schedule, but we do have an ultimate story to tell when we are finally open: "Did you know Menno's hand was broken by this denim wall..... ?". ...

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1 comment:

blue collar said...

looks like all the the hard labour is paying of guys. it starts to look amazing. good to see that there are some kindred spririts out there. good luck and i look forward to see the shop when it is finished.