Monday, November 10, 2008

Killer beams

In the past few months we had some construction issues, we had to re-schedule our opening some times and we cursed a bit when the owner would only talk in terms of weeks when we discussed our construction schedule. But nothing could get in the way of our winning spirit. After all we have a dream in our sight and that is all that matters.
Today however, was an extremely critical day for us. The story of the beams seamed to be following us for the last couple of weeks. First the transport, than my broken hand, than the cleaning of the beams, the coating, dragging them to the other side by Bart, Thijs and René and of course the way Jur and André had to work besides them while painting the entire store with us.
When every bump seemed to be conquered today we heard that the beams may not be used inside any building by the Dutch law and suddenly all the effort seemed to be for nothing.
Luckily we needed only a few minutes to get over our frustration and fear to loose another week before the opening. We hope to have found a splendid alternative to show you guys next week because we sure came a long way presenting it to you. TBC!

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