Monday, November 17, 2008

Pre-opening in two days.

It have been the most exciting days for us so far. While we are preparing the last few things before we can open the shop more and more beautiful brands and clothing go through our hands. Since we are making all our merchandise ready to be in the store we take another look at what we bought for our first season. This is a special and joyful moment because it has been a long time since we saw all the stuff we bought 'live'. As we see things now we are able to have an exclusive pre-sale before the official opening on Friday. If you want to be there do not hesitate to email us at menno(at) Hope to see you all soon! By the way did everybody see our Journal de Nîmes in the last message?

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blue said...

good luck guys,i have seen you work hard and the result may most definitely be seen.passion is what will drive the store and what will make it to a succes. well done. bluecollar9

Joris said...

guys you are on