Monday, December 1, 2008

If god is in denim, this must be him..

Last friday René and I had a very exciting evening. We would meet with mister Manabe -president of Momotaro- in Amsterdam. Mister Manabe is not only the godfather of Momotaro, but also the head of what we consider as to be the most legendary denim producing company of Japan: Japan Blue. The family created denim fabrics for legendary clients such as Samurai, Pure Blue Japan, PRPS and APC. This friday we had the pleasure to show mister Manabe together with his son Katsuhito the Tenue de Nîmes boutique. Afterwards we discussed the possibilities for Momotaro on the European market. It was one of the most inspiring discussions so far and we are proud to finally have met our 'denim god'.

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