Friday, January 16, 2009

Jong geleerd, is oud gedaan

Sorry for the Dutch guys, but this header is simply not translatable... It basically says: what you learn young, is what you do when you are old.... Yesterday we had -by far- the youngest customer in the store. I assume she was 9. She walked into the store with her mom after they had dinner next to the store at Palladio. They where like a positive wind of energy and complemented us on the stuff we sold. Everything was an A+ basically. Juul (the 9 year old daughter) was caught by our Nike Vandal from the vintage collection. She reminded me of myself when I was her age. Once I tried to convince my mother I could play tennis on the Nike Huarache, unfortunately she did not believe me. But Juul convinced her mother that, although she had a European size 34.5 she would easily fit the 36 size and she could compensate by adding a sole.... Juul, you made our day yesterday!

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