Friday, March 20, 2009

Your wardrobe essentials?

With Tenue de Nîmes we are building a label which will include all the highly needed of today's gentleman. All the Tenue de Nîmes garments are hand made in Europe. We started off by defining our ideal male shirt. It consists of a prolonged narrow fit, a cramped colar, a T stich line on the back, a narrow cuff and a ton-sur-ton Tenue de Nîmes embroidery in the colours white, black, dimgray, sapphire (blue lined), noir (black bold & thin lined) and blake (black lined).

For the next items, we would like to know what you would consider as the basic essential in your gentleman's wardrobe? Leave your comment or email us.

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Anonymous said...

#1: good pair of japanese jeans
#2: Nike sneakers
#3: Black "members" leather jacket

Tenue de Nîmes said...

Thanks mister P, these are noted!!

Matthijs said...

1 Denim
2 Premium brand sneakers
3 A watch that makes a man
4 Vintage sunglasses
5 Trenchcoat
6 Leather bag