Thursday, May 21, 2009

Le Labo NYC

We love just unconventional fragrances. Since we opened up our store we search for the ultimate smell that personifies our love for denim. In our search for the right aroma for our TdN store, we ended op addicted to another store: Skins cosmetics. First we bought the Diptyque Pachouli. We were very happy, but after 4 weeks of pleasure in the shop we went back for something new. Together with the friendly lady we decided we had to go for something else. She recommended Le Labo. A New York based company that creates unique perfumes for the ones that do not desire to wear colones worn by millions of others. The candle we bought for the shop is the Cedre 11 as recommended by the skilled lady from Skins. It smells extraordinary and the best part is that it was instandly branded with our Tenue de Nîmes name. The next step just has to be a nice colabo in order form the ultimate TdN fragance in TdN look and feel. We'll keep you updated. Any denim oriented smell suggestions are welcome! Keep you updated.

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