Wednesday, June 24, 2009

Nudie jeans Wear & Tear competition

Our guys at Nudie jeans just sent us an email in which they officially released their Wear & Tear competition globally. "The purpose of the competition is to spread the knowledge about how a pair of dry denims develop over time and how they get character and a unique finish as they are shaped by your body and natural use". To enter the competition all participants need to register at Nudie. We will participate in the separated shop contest. We are still looking for a volunteer to become our store protegee. Who's got game? M&R

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Moulsari said...

What's the prize?

Tenue de Nîmes said...

For consumers: a €500,- credit to spend on Nudie stuff, for shop winner: you'll be invited to a
joint trip with Nudie Jeans to Italy to visit our production facilities and to get the chance to create an own pair of Nudie Jeans. Interested??

Moulsari said...

€500 credit is a pretty sad prize!

A trip to Italy sounds fun. But do you just have to wear it everyday, or without taking it off the whole time? Because who wears jeans to bed? And how do you get game?

Anonymous said...

So how do I become a store protegee?

Tenue de Nîmes said...

By telling us you will be the one to wear the jeans until February without taking it off one single day ;-)