Wednesday, August 26, 2009

Suite 501

A few months a go our friend Mikkel from Converse came back from the States and was drinking beer to handle his jedlack when he told me about this unusual hotel he stayed with a room number 501. After seeing Patrick's latest Levi's-week-lead I guess this is the same hotel Mikkel was fascinated about the other day. The super cool Ace hotel chain did a room that must be any denim freak's (blue) wet dream: a 501 suite. Anyone guessing who you would feel sleeping in this room? This was stated in LA Times: "You know the comfortable feeling of putting on your favorite pair of 501's?". We are wondering if they mean a stone washed or unwashed one... Well, it must be incredible any way. More at Selectism and LA Times. Check the other rooms here. Enjoy.

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