Tuesday, September 29, 2009


Every single moment we're browsing the internet we find these beautiful things, heavy weight boots, a lovely pair of vintage denim, a book that caught our eyes, a typography on that particular poster, a combination of colours in a picture, name it… The past months we've shared it here, in Bright magazine in the form of a bag review (and the shoe review in the upcoming issue) and in Blend Magazine under the name Treasures.
Now we're going a bit further by selecting our treasures on a daily base and try to put together a bi-weekly treasures column online. To start with No 1. A selection of beautiful finds.


A beautiful rough textured cotton shirt with lovely finishing and buttons from Japanese brand Workers.


Forget Moleskine, here are some classic orange Rhodia notepads.


Fantastic premium, exclusive, luxurious glasses of natural horn, handcrafted by skilled craftsman in the ateliers of Ralph Vaessen. Available at Colette, Paris.


The nice collaboration of Oliver Spencer with our all time favorite Monocle resulted in the ultimate oxford blue travel shirt.


Loopwheeler is definitely vintage sweatshirt maker number one. With a machine that knitted only one meter of fabric per hour you'll wear a nice story as well…


A must have for winter cooking: A tough and heavy weight apron with a large practical gussetted pocket on the front with a smaller top pocket made by Labour and Wait. A very nice, very small and lovely boutique in East London packed with functional products for daily life.


When workwear becomes fashion. Klein Tools is a beautiful example of this. With it's indestructible bags of heavy weight canvas and leather finish they are a must have for workmen and a very nice accessory in the back of your old timer Porche 911…


Kiosk is one of our favorite online boutiques. Reference Library is one of our favorite online blogs sharing great vintage finds on ebay. Togerther they made this fantastic Vietnam-era laundry bag. Too bad it's sold out…


We very much like Oi Polloi, the webshop with the ultimate selection of classic, functional outerwear with innovative contemporary labels and a serious arsenal of casual footwear. And well, this is just the most classic of all. The JanSport Heritage Hoss daypack with the original JanSport woven label from 1967.


Beautiful posters by Etsy shop A View To with collection of rare things, composed in a very neat way arranged by colour. We specially like the black one with the strange little figures, the cello strings, the moleskine and the lovely illustrated figures in the pictures…


The dokside's by Sebago are our favorites for the summer, but this is definitely a nice winter alternative. The Deck Boot by Albam. The real moccassin construction, hand cut and made with chromexcel leather upper and pigskin lining. Love it.


L’Oeuvre Noire is a fine eau de parfume by Kilian. In their own words 'with the freshness of bergamot contrasted by the heat of spices – nutmeg, cardamom and coriander – which creates an elegant yet unusual opening. A touch of fruit – raspberry – and a hint of an aromatic note – blue chamomile – accentuate the originality of the top.'

Stay tuned for the next issue...

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