Sunday, October 25, 2009


On his way driving his classic Peugot 205 Yamandu Roos does a very special photography project called 'Europeans'. This is the second glimpse of his project that our friend was willing to share with us. More soon.

"In the picture you see Baul Bencze and Chinook. I met Baul at a wedding in Zurich. He looked like he was walking straight out of an American movie. In this picture he is wearing the same shirt as he did at the wedding, combined with black jeans and Converse. He smokes long crooked cigars and he trains dogs - and their owners. As he claimed that 90 percent of the dog owners don't know how to treat it right. I visited Paul at his home right outside Zurich where he and Chinook received me with great hospitality. When we went out for a walk I was amazed about how the two friends interact".

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