Sunday, November 29, 2009


Our friend Yamandu gives us a two weekly update on his photography project called 'Europeans'. Yesterday he sent us this expressive image and the story behind it below. Enjoy.

"When I got to Florence I found myself lonely, restless and stressed when I checked in at the local youth hostel. I remember calling my mom and discussing what to do. My car #the_eagle was acting strange and I felt stress in my body. Not only did I need three Italians to push start the eagle every time I needed to go somewhere, I was also scared about my stuff getting jacked at the youth hostel.

Luckily I ran into Chris and Daniele. The first offered me to come to the Calcetto tournament in the outskirts and the latter gave me shelter in the Chianti hills 50 minutes out of Florence. That's where I cooled down, got the Eagle back on track (needed a new starter) and got the nerve back to keep it going and I drove to Sardegna.

That day at the football tournament was great I can't forget the Peroni and the home made mortadella sandwiches supplied by the squatters who organize the tournament. It's a serious league in Florence with 16 teams and they have their own printed newspaper and blog. The people playing are from all kinds of social classes. There was a team with Roma people from the Balkans and a team of hippies and left-wingers. Soccer took away the boundaries and everybody was standing in the rain yelling at the game, eating the unforgettable sandwiches and drinking beer."

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