Wednesday, November 18, 2009


We met with the Grenson crew the first time last year because Jason Denham arranged a meeting in our store. We really enjoyed the meeting with the two outstanding representatives that were completely crazy about the 140 years old brand. We got caught by their enthusiasm and of course by the impressive history of this legendary English Grenson shoe company.

Yesterday we visited their factory just outside of London and saw the first sample of our Grenson x Tenue de Nîmes collaboration. We couldn't help ourselves to show you a glimpse of the stuff we experienced at their classic residence. The entire day we talked about the 'pinnacle' of shoe making. The Grenson brand is one of the most authentic labels we ever saw so far. Shoes without compromises as they like to say. Grenson develops shoes in the traditional English shoe-making spirit. The methodology and the inspiration have never changed a single bit during the years. No wonder companies like NYC based Rag & Bone adore the Grenson shoes.

In our first 2010 Journal de Nîmes we will publish a broad report on our experiences yesterday. We will show you a unique view on the old Grenson factory and will tell you all about the numerous stages of handy craft that our first shoe had to go through before Joe would show us the preview. We can only say we are very proud to work with such special and authentic people as we do at Grenson. It is such an inspiration for us that there are companies left where it is all about quality and nothing less. Therefore we could not help ourselves for showing you at least a few of our pinnacles before we share the rest in January. Enjoy.

PS: Joe, please never stop talking and never ever apologize for it when you share all the lovely thoughts running through your head. We loved everything you guys learned us yesterday.

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Anonymous said...

When will they be there??? keep me informed :-)

Menno van Meurs said...

End of January!!!