Monday, November 16, 2009


Today we received an email of the guys from The Hill-side, a small New York based company that specializes in neckties, handkerchiefs and scarves. In their words: "The pieces are not delicate or fancy, they are meant to be worn casually, every day, and broken in." Hill-Side uses beautiful utilitarian fabrics like selvedge chambray, hemp/cotton denim, and organic colorgrown canvas imported from Kojima, Japan; as well as some spectacular waxed canvas from a textile mill in New Jersey. All the pieces are made at a small factory in Manhattan. We can't wait to get the first drop in! More soon.

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Twan said...

Wat cool man, wil ik zeker hebben. Bel me maar als ze binnen zijn! Grt Twan

Menno van Meurs said...

Will do!!