Wednesday, November 25, 2009


I believe we sound a bit romantic since the last couple of days, but we enjoy it very much. First the trip to the Grenson factory, second the search for new interpretations of denim history and of course our 1 year anniversary and Journal de Nîmes Nº3 that will officially hit the stores next Monday.

Well, here is another cheerful message from Amsterdam: this Friday the new Inventory magazine (from the former H(y)r collective) will be available at our Tenue de Nîmes store.
Inventory is all about great brands, 21st century concepts and admirable people. Volume 01 Fall—Winter 2009 features some of our favorite brands that are around like for instance: Nigel Cabourn, Mister Freedom and Engineered Garments.

Come along the store to get a fresh copy and prepare yourself in the meantime for the next one, because from what we heard the Inventory team headed for Japan the other day to discover the world of Beams, White Mountaineering and The Real McCoy’s. We can't wait guys!

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Fred said...

Young Gun ... good eye got it since 5 days great magazine and good to read about Nigel - and all the other believers.

Menno van Meurs said...

It's in guys!