Friday, November 6, 2009

Levi's vintage

Yesterday Joachim found this unbelievably vintage Levi's jeans on BNM. The thing is that our Japanese is not half as good as we would like it to be so we just had to do it with the little English that was presented next to it. It confuses us however. Because the header claims this master piece is an LVC. But looking at the price of USD 6480,- this seems hard to believe. Maybe our friends at Levi's premium XX can help us out here. T.B.C.

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Samuel said...

What I could make up from the source post
(which is in Chinese so having excellent Japanese wouldn't have gotten you very far anyway)
is that it's a pair of Levi's for the Asian market, perhaps a pair of Japanese LVC's but I'm not sure.
They're a pair of 1937 501's which magically had their arcuates disappear.
It's definitely not a vintage piece, one of the first things to give it away is that the buttonholes have no wear at all, they're brand new, which is absolutely not in relation with how worn the rest of the jeans are.

The price seems to be that high because it's most likely HK$(Honk Kong Dollars) which would land them at around $830US, still pricey, but more realistic.

Sorry about the essay...

Samuel said...

And after digging a little deeper here is your final answer:

It's a pair of Japanese LVC's, the arcuates didn't disappear as I suspected, they're just a very light yellow stitch and were hard to make out on the first picture set.

Priced at Yen 72450 they're coming in at roughly $800US/€540 which is fairly reasonable for a pair with that much work done on it.


Menno van Meurs said...

You are the best!! Walking encyclopedia you are my friend!!