Wednesday, December 16, 2009

Free & Easy

'The Garment Tweed' is the name of the January edition of Japanese magazine Free & Easy. It reveals a great deal of fantastic stories and products connected to the magic tweed fabric. The issue is an incredible view on the traditional woven wool that refers to the word twill, or 'tweel' in Scottish.

Free & Easy shows famous brands like for instance Harris Tweed, Dormeuil and English John G. Hardy. Secondly they provide a map on which all UK wool regions are pointed out and described. Also there is a full overview of all the famous fabrics that remind you of the jackets our grandfathers used to wear. Of course F&E was kind enough to list some of the most sought-after brands (like Nigel Cabourn, Ralph Lauren and L.L. Bean) that use the traditional textiles in their latest collections. Any way, it is an issue full of great stuff putt together with the admirable Japanese punctuality. Available at TdN as from today!

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