Monday, December 21, 2009

James Dean

Although Philip Goss wrote in our Journal de Nîmes Nº2 that James Dean used to wear 501's in his free time, Dean became one of the most important brand ambassadors of Lee Jeans since they started. The legendary Lee 101z is the fit that used to be endorsed by the style icon in movies such as 'Giant' from 1955. The original Lee Rider Zip-fly jeans worn in the movie by Dean were sold in October 2006 for the astonishing amount of $35.850,-. The original pair had a Warner Bros sign stiched inside the waist band and was dated April 26 1955 with the notation: Jas. Dean, and the initials "JD" just below it. Together with the jeans came an original black & white 8" x 10" photo which showed Dean wearing the Lee jeans for a wardrobe test.

This spring Lee Japan will introduce a magnificent replica for the Lee Archives that will hit the Tenue de Nîmes store in February. Take a close look at this 13,25oz narrow loom, Sanforized indigo cast denim with its characteristic one-side selvage. This is the traditional Lee Rider 101Z jeans with the straight top block and back pockets placed further away from each other for better access. Guys, this is the first official 2010 climax. Let's have some more!
Pictures by Denimology & Lee Japan.

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