Saturday, December 12, 2009

Original 19th century Levi's

Yesterday we found a true museum piece online. It must be any collector's dream to possess one of the Levi's jeans from the late 19th century. This particular jeans has been for sale for quite some time, I guess the dazzling $35.000,- makes it a bit of an investment for any ordinary person like myself.

We are looking at an original 1890 Levi Strauss 201 pair of jeans. The 'Lot 201' (the less expensive version of the 501 because of the linen patch and cheap buttons) was discovered in a mine in Montana. The seller claims that the lucky man who found the jeans had another surprise when he discovered some gold in the watch pocket. The explanation would be that the miners would keep a little gold in their pocket to buy drinks at the saloon. Interesting theory that I never heard of. Because the rivets say 'May 1873' we can be quite positive the jeans were made between 1886 & 1890 as the legendary Lynn Downey said about them. We'll keep on saving Lynn!

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