Monday, December 28, 2009

Stockman x Tenue de Nîmes

The famous Siegel Stockman brand is displayed in many Haute Couture houses and shops around the world. Frederic Stockman was the first to search for a way to standardize the shape of the human body. In 1887 Stockman started to categorize measurements and made them into standard sizes. He basically democratized the clothing industry that untill than, was strictly something for the rich and their tailors.

"Stockman was a precursor in believing in the burgeoning democratization of cloths and, together with his associate and designer, Siegel, he started to manufacture busts and dummies to be used in the ready-to-wear trade and by couturiers".

As a celebration of our first anniversary the French company made some special Stockman x Tenue de Nîmes busts that are presented in the store as from now. Read more about the history of the famous Stockman brand here.

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i like said...

if you think about it, it's also a way of dressing when no longer fabric is measured and cut for the customer but now customer is the one who needs to adjust to the fit of the garment.
Anyway, I enjoy your blog a lot.great stuff