Saturday, January 2, 2010

Chain-stitched into the new year!

We will start the new year with the exciting news that we are able to chain stitch your denim from now on! We have been looking for this opportunity ever since we opened up our store and we thought the first post in 2010 would be a perfect moment to share it with you! We simply could not have wished for a better way to start this new year.

From now on you don't have to be scared to shorten your precious, chain-stitched denims any more. As from today we will provide all jeans WITH the desirable stitch on the bottom (Picture above). For those of you who are not familiar with the vintage sewing technique here is a short explanation that we shared in the last (Japanese) Journal de Nîmes:

'The chain stitch is a feature we consider to be one of the most incredible and subtle details of vintage denim. This particular sewing method is often used at the bottom of the trouser leg. This seam is made with a double needle instead of a single one and makes the stitch look like a 'chain'."

The machines that create this particular stitch are rare and expensive, and therefore basically any shop will shorten your denim with a 'single' stitch. Picture by Atsui. More info here.

Happy new year!

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de Rat. said...

Oh Boy, Good news! Good news indeed! Ik kom zo snel mogelijk langs! Nog een gelukkig nieuwjaar!!

de Rat. said...