Thursday, January 21, 2010


We arrived in Paris very early in the morning. Today was all about sourcing inspiration and shopping. Tomorrow will be visiting fairs and shows the entire day. We managed to stuff all the must-sees in ten (short) hours and we will share the favorites of the day. We started in Le Marais where we visited the lovely French Trotters, enjoyed the refinement of Surface to Air and visited the new L'Ecraireur. Walking towards our favorite vintage store Kiliwatch we came across this amazing little book shop with vintage magazines and books deriving from first edition Rolling Stone to the collectibles by Visionair. We could have spent an hour at Comptoir de L'Image but after buying a vintage denim book we had to run again. The rest of the day was full of excited Japanese at Marc by Marc Jacobs, waiting lines at Colette and next level fabrics at 45rpm. We ended our journey at another planet: ever heard of Merci? Never seen so much in one day. More Paris impressions in our next Journal de Nîmes.

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