Tuesday, January 19, 2010

Selvedge Tie

Manufactured in Brooklyn New-York these neck ties are just the best way you can think of kick of a new season. Take a look these three musketeers made from 9.5oz selvedge denim, 10oz selvedge left hand twill chino and a 5oz selvedge chambray. The Hill-Side will make me wear ties again from now on. "Note: do not wear the denim tie with a white shirt because it will make it blue, or embrace the dyed collar." We are speechless.

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Frank van Loon said...

Love these! Are they for sale in your store? Are you planning to open an online store?

Good luck!


Menno van Meurs said...

Yes, we have them in store now. Place any order you like until we finished our official online store. M at TdN