Tuesday, January 26, 2010

Vintage 911s

This car might have some minor age difficulties and our client asked to watch over it while he tried on a fresh pair of Denim Demon's because his lock refused to close entirely. But isn't this vintage Porsche 911s just any one's wildest dream? Let's just say that guarding it already made my day.

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Jorg Ruis said...

Terrific. It's on my dreamlist for sure!

ISÈY DUREE said...

I want one...in a very dark blue, with a cognac leather interior please!

Ow..and check it out: http://iseyduree.blogspot.com

LokalHeroz said...

we came across a 911 on our roadtrip to Berlin. Didn't make a picture, luckely it's in my head.
Check the movie soon on www.lokalheroz.com