Friday, February 19, 2010

Weekly favorites selected by Mikkel Aas

When our friend Mikkel Aas enters the store you know something special is about to happen. Yesterday, after an inspiring conversation Mikkel started grabbing random stuff from all over the shop and decided we should put that in the window display without further explanation.
Rene said that we would, if Mikkel put on the assembled outfit himself so we could take a picture of him. The combination of styles was so astonishing that we decided to make this a 2.0 version of our 'Weekly favorites' topic. Every once in a while we will ask our friends to select their favorite combination, put it on and show it in the shop window after. Mikkel selected our Lee Japan overall, a Nigel Cabourn cricket shirt and vest, a selfedge canvas neck-tie and a red chambray pochet both by The Hill-side. The final touch was his own 'Nice day' HB pencil that fit perfectly in the special pen pocket on the chest. The 1970 Red Wings were stolen from Mikkel's dad. Thank you Mikkel for the lovely selection. Who is next?

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