Monday, March 1, 2010

Denim Demon Samí jeans

Denim Demon did a project last year called 'Project Ware outs'. Oskar and Anton gave seven pairs of jeans to seven different Samis. The aim is to give the denim pants its own history and to create an authentic wear out. The Samis wore the pants for six months without washing them, which resulted in new Japan made replica's for this collection.

Meet the first, of our three favorite Samí friends: Per Guttorm. He was one of the youngest participants. Per Guttorm is a Reindeer herdsman and did an amazing job tearing and wearing his Denim Demon Aajja. One of his legs got stuck in his motorcycle chain so he decided to repair it by hand. The overall look is just incredible and shows a unique glimpse of the personal life of this Samí member. There are only 59 Japanese replica's available and this is one of them (17/59). More Samí jeans soon!

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