Saturday, April 3, 2010

Denim Demon Samí jeans II

Here is another great Japanese replica of the jeans worn by the Samí for Denim Demon. This particular denim used to belong to Per-Henrik, a 32 years old Samí from a village called Jänsmässholmen with only 28 inhabitants. Per-Henrik used his pants for exhibitions, hiking, and riding his motorcycle. He was the only Samí that could rinse his pair because it was covered with blood after he had to slaughter one of his beloved animals. His wear outs show he drove his snow scooter a lot. It is covered with paint because he marked his animals every season and the scratches on his behind are from antlers when a reindeer hit him with it. All together it is another great example of the unusual wear outs achieved during this phenomenal project. More info at Denim Demon. Enjoy number 13/59 on the pictures.

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