Wednesday, April 28, 2010


The French cosmetics company diptyque keeps on developing scents that you have never smelled before. Or maybe you did: on a trip to another country where you got overwhelmed by the smell of the region. Because that particular sensation is what diptyque was all about when they started in the sixties - the aroma's of the world's finest destinations.

Today we have expended our favorites with a new, woody and fresh eau de toilette: Vetyverio. The fragrance is inspired by the botanical name for vetiver: Vetyveria Zizanoides. Vetyverio is another great example of the artfully blended diptyque brand. It successfully combines the ruggedness of genuine vetiver essence with the tanginess of grapefruit and the fullness of rose. Have a look in our French Journal de Nîmes for more info on the diptyque brand.

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