Monday, May 10, 2010

Denim literature

We have complained quite often that very little new literature about denim is published lately. Which titles have followed after we all read best sellers like Denim by Paul Trynka?
We know that a lot of our fellow denim enthusiasts believe there is just little left to write about. They feel that the story of vintage denim has been told so many times already that a new book would only repeat what has been told already. However, we believe there is room for more interesting denim literature. Especially if this would cover a more contemporary view on the evolution of denim.

In the mean time we are happy to conclude that we still do not know all the great books on denim ourselves. Have a look at book by Gilles Lhote, recommended by a colleague at Rode Winkel in Utrecht. This is an example of a reference book that adds value to our well-filled closet after all. We seriously recommend all you denim geeks to get online and get yourself a (second hand) copy. It is worth every penny!

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