Tuesday, May 25, 2010

Letters from Levi's

Levi's Vintage clothing (LVC) came up with an interesting idea to communicate with its final clients about their heritage products. All the summer 2010 styles carry a letter from Levi's in the back pockets. It states: "To the owner of this 501 jeans". In the letter the company accurately describes what kind of style the owner purchased. It shows you when the original jeans were made, what the most important characteristics are and which design details should be brought to your attention.

The featured 1933 501 had belt loops, a cinch and suspender buttons so the jeans could be worn in several ways. Some owners would cut off their cinch in order to wear the jeans with belts and according to the letter most of the stores had big scissors to cut it off directly.
The most important feature of these jeans is the little label below the patch (not shown here), not visible until it began to shrink with age. It showed that Levi's abided by the labor rules of president Roosevelt's National Recovery Administration during the Depression years of the 30's. This pair is the last waist overall with a crotch rivet before the regular five pocket jeans occurred in 1944. Wear the legend.

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