Thursday, May 27, 2010

Tellason for Tenue de Nîmes

San Francisco based denim label Tellason and Dutch denim store Tenue de Nîmes have joined hands. Tellason have produced an exclusive run of 24 hand-numbered pairs of jeans made from the legendary selvedge -White Oak- Cone denim. The leather patch, made by Tanner goods in Portland, shows the Tellason logo connected to the Tenue de Nîmes cross. It symbolizes the shared passion for high quality and well-crafted denim. This limited edition Tellason x Tenue de Nîmes denim is available for €199,90 at Tenue de Nîmes in Amsterdam as from today.

TdN - Who are the Tellason guys?
Tellason - Pete Searson and Tony Patella -- a combined 386 centimeters tall with half a head of hair. Over forty years experience in the clothing industry, yet far from being garmentos. Guys with a keen appreciation of all things authentic and artisanal. Future ministers at the Church of Joe Strummer.

TdN - What does the Tellason brand stand for?
Tellason - Literally it's a combination of the names Patella and Searson. As a way of thinking we stand for making products the way they are supposed to be made and taking back the word premium back from the fakers making shit quality at a high price. We also take pride in the shops we sell to. We really appreciate their support.

TdN - Why Cone denim?
Tellason - In our opinion they make some of the best selvage fabric in the world at their White Oak plant. Their fabrics are always consistent with regard to finish and shrinkage and they age beautifully.

TdN - How does Tellason compete within the premium denim market?
Tellason - We're a micro-brand at this point. That being said, we know that our jeans are crafted very well -- from the fabric to the sewing details to the weight of the pocketing. We take a lot of pride in the fact that our jeans are made in San Francisco of North Carolina-made fabric in a factory that has been in business over twenty years.

TdN - What is the main difference between American and Japanese denim in your opinion?
Tellason - It's always been interesting that the Japanese brands have been, up until recently, doing Americana better than Americans. We love the resurgence of old time American brands making heritage product. In general though, the Japanese have been and still are, genius with authentic details and taking the time to do things right -- whether it be the fabrics, the buttons and certainly the sewing. We also really appreciate what Japanese mills do with the construction of denim fabric. We've used Kurabo fabric from Osaka for a few limited runs and it ages wonderfully. If it didn't cost so much to get the rolls from Japan to California, we'd probably use it more often.

TdN -What does the future bring the Tellason brand?
Tellason - We'd like to continue to expand our distribution in the world's best shops and eventually build another fit, some nice wovens / jackets and accessories. The world's a big place and we know there are other places that would be into what we're doing.

More Tellason x Tenue de Nîmes images at our website.

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