Tuesday, June 8, 2010

Dyed in Red

My brother and Joachim flew to Minnesota yesterday to pay a visit to the legendary Red Wing factory and their private leather tannery. They are the ambassadors of an exciting new project in Amsterdam that we will introduce some time soon. Besides Red Wing the guys are fortunate to pay a visit to some of America's oldest leather and accessories brands. On top of that they will visit some traditional flea markets and will be taken into the forest for their first hunting experience. Joachim and Matthijs will report about their tour through the land of the 'Great Lakes' at our new weblog A Swan's Wing Dyed in Red, a work wear inspired report that searches for everything in the world of boots, vintage must-haves, denim and work wear lifestyle. Make sure you check Dyed in Red on a daily basis to get the first sneak preview of all their adventures. More here.

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