Friday, June 25, 2010

Paris 1 - Nigel Cabourn

The first day in Paris was a hot but very pleasant one. The first thing we did after checking in the hotel was going to our favorite vintage store Kiliwatch. It just lovely to wander around and search for vintage denim, leather, stadium jackets and accessories. At Kiliwatch we found these amazing vintage French work wear jackets with an uneven blue/green color and fading that makes it look like it was dipped in natural indigo once.
After visiting our usual list of shops in an extremely warm Paris we had to go to the first appointment at Tranoi with Nigel Cabourn for Spring-Summer 2010. After going to the wrong location first, we met with Nigel and Drew. Nigel was quite surprised to see us because the fair was not meant to start until the 25th. Drew probably forgot to mention that we would do the appointment a day earlier. However Cabourn was so enthusiastic about the collection that we decided to go through it 45 minutes later any way while we were cooling our heads with Heineken beers. Nigel told us he had never done an order before a show would actually start in 40 years. Well, we love exceptions. The collection looked absolutely amazing. It is rooted in the Royal British Army again and this time Nigel choose the life in a Submarine as a principal theme. Paul and I could not help ourselves - we just had to try it all on. Have a close look at the the light-weight camouflage jacket that used to be worn in the desert battlefield. Astonishing isn't it? Joachim and Timo will travel to New Castle next week to do a new video interview with Nigel about this collection and to make a portrait for our upcoming UK issue of the Journal de Nîmes. Enjoy the preview here. More Paris news later.

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What a nice two days that were!

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