Saturday, June 26, 2010

Paris II

The second day of our Paris trip was a busy, but an inspiring one. We started early in the morning at the Acne showroom in Le Marais. After a long meeting and loads of nice Spring-Summer styles for men and women we took off to the fair. Although the location was less attractive than last time the collections of brands like Libertine-Libertine looked fabulous. Their self-created camouflage as shown below was our favorite piece.

Our second meeting at Capsule was with our friend Joe to discuss our new Grenson x Tenue de Nîmes collaboration that will hit the store this October. Prepare for a wild combination with blue canvas, chocolate leather and our new classic: painted soles.

Later that day, Bahzad at Naked & Famous showed the Broken Twill jeans that his colleague Brandon wore for a year. The impressive fade showed us that me and Joachim have some work to do during our little Naked and Famous battle that we started 3 months ago.
Naked and Famous proved again that they are constantly changing the boundaries of denim development. There is a rumor going on they will do a limited run of indigo selvage denim jeans that have a camouflage print inside, so they will fade with a camo fade coming through.

At the end of the day we met with new Heritage Reseach to have a look at their Spring 2011 story. Next to their lovely new collection the guys did some interesting collaborations recently. Their interpretation of the Duluth Hiking Pack (shown below) was one of our favorites.

As we walked back to our Hotel to check out we were fortunate enough to run into a store called Ken Claude which was full of vintage American (denim) brands combined with new labels like Canada Goose. They carried anything in between vintage Big E jackets, original female moccasin's, dead stock Starter stadium jackets and ditto Chuck Tailors.

It was a lovely way to end a crazy but pleasant trip. We will share some of our other finds separately soon.

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