Sunday, June 20, 2010

Vintage 501

In search of the ideal summer pair of denim here is another great 501 by Levi's. Both men and women should have at least one pair of vintage 501's in their wardrobe. Wear them relaxed, wear them tight or wear it with a high waist like Marilyn Monroe would do: anything will do with these timeless icons. Before usage the jeans just need gentle repair - you don't want the tailor to stitch the entire knee whole together - and a single wash to make the 'vintage store' aroma disappear. According to our friend Miles at XX this is a 501 that goes back to the late seventies. 1978 was his guess according to the combination of the button number, the kind of selvage fabric, the small 'e' and the other jeans details like the stitching methods. In fact: Miles is the kind of guy to tell you what factory made it without a hesitation. Awesome isn't it?

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J a m e s said...

Where dyou get those....? And did you need to remortgage your house? :)

Menno van Meurs said...

The only way to get these for a normal price is in between the rubbish at the local second hand store. Secondly we know a few online dealers that send us stock updates every once in a while. What size are you normally? Could keep an eye out for you!

spacelounge said...

I believe them to be 1976-1983 because of the type of bartacking.
To be honest, this type of 501 doesn't go for much. In Tokyo you can find them used for about 80 euro and 100-200 euro deadstock depending on size.
On ebay, about $120 or less, again depending on size. And I would guess they could go for less than $100 at US flea markets like Rose Bowl, perhaps even lower?
I have a pair from the same period that I bought at Jantiques in Tokyo for about 120 euro, but they were priced up a bit becasue of the acid wash(a very nice pattern in my mind;).

Menno van Meurs said...

Hey man, thanks for the feedback. I hope James is reading with us. I am not sure if I agree about the value though ;-) How many people really get the opportunity to attend the Rose Bowl or a Tokyo vintage store? And the nice ones are getting more and more scarce. Any way thanks for the feedback, I hope James will get his hands on a nice pair soon!!