Friday, July 9, 2010

Berlin Day 2

While the temperature is rising and Berlin is starting to feel like Casablanca, we continued our trip in search of additions to our Tenue de Nîmes portfolio. We visited BBB in the morning and headed for Premium after. We met with K-1, Sperry, Japan Blue, Edwin before we got introduced to the new Denim Demon collection by Anton Olsson.

Anton at Denim Demon showed us some great additions to their collection. The brand made a big move in terms of their tops. Have a look above for the first preview.

The guys from Edwin Japan displayed a roll of their famous rainbow selvage. Their presentation at Premium really caught our eye.

The last Berlin update will be published tomorrow. Stay tuned at Twitter and through our Flickr as well. Check out Dyed in Red for the latest workwear-inspired updates.

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