Tuesday, July 20, 2010

Journal de Nîmes Nº5

The new Journal de Nîmes Nº5 -The British issue- is officially launched today. Tenue de Nîmes came across so many great things from the United Kingdom recently that we could have easily filled 100 pages. In this fifth release we proudly present an interview with Nigel Cabourn at his Newcastle residence, we discuss the Grenson factory visit and also feature a very personal denim interview with Miles Johnson, head designer of the inspiring Levi's XX department. Add to that a London shopping map, plenty of British Treasures, a brief history of the Duffle Coat as well as a tip of the cap to the 180th anniversary of the legendary (American) brand Woolrich and you will understand why this issue got a little out of hand. A digital version of the magazine is available after the click.

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Gustav said...

Is it it possible in anyway to order a printed version somewhere?, i badly want this issue!

Thanks for a great blog and magazine, and if i will be in Amsterdam sometime, ill be sure to stop by for a new pair of jeans.

Menno van Meurs said...

Hi there just send me an email to menno(at)tenuedenimes.com and we will sort something out! Thanks for the kind words!