Monday, July 26, 2010

Red Wing Shoes Amsterdam

We can not tell you how proud we are to finally be able to announce this in public: The Red Wing Shoes store is finally open! It has been a true adventure but the result feels like being the ultimate reward. We hope to welcome you there shortly. We can't wait to here what you guys think!

The Red Wing store in the “9 streets” area (Reestraat 15) pays tribute to the rich history of the brand, which was launched in 1905 by Charles Beckman, having spotted a growing demand for sturdy work boots. The shoes are displayed on top of steel and antique glass show cases, which are filled with coal. The dark, concrete walls have been decorated with workman's tools that date back to the days when Red Wing was a fledgling company. One wooden wall, which itself was made from materials from an old Amish water tower, is used to exhibit most of the accessories on offer. Everything between these walls reminds you of the history of Red Wing, but in a contemporary setting.

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blackson said...

gefeliciteerd mannen. Ziet er goed uit.

Groeten, Andy, Middelburg

Fake said...

WOW, ziet er heel cool uit!