Friday, July 23, 2010

Tenue de Nîmes bike

After ten years being hidden in the shed of my parents' house, my first Koga Miyata bike began a second life this today. My father bought me this (purple) bike when I was twelve. After some years of activity I lost sight of it and it got a spot in a dusty corner. But a purchase like your first bike can simply never be thrown away, nor can it be sold. It would have been pure sacrilege to abandon it.

Today Riekele nearly finished my (slightly updated) bike in order to start a second life. We changed the color, added a white chain, new wheels and bought another vintage San Marco 'Rolls' saddle because the former black one was less matching. The only thing we are waiting for is new white tires before it is totally done. But I simply couldn't wait with showing you the first glimpse of my new treasure. More Tenue de Nîmes bikes soon!

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