Friday, July 2, 2010


When summer finally entered I was in need of some fresh canvas kicks. For some reason I have been wearing all kinds of simple white and blue sneakers underneath my jeans, but it was a little while ago since I bought my last pair of Converse. I thought I was in need of something else after all those years and ditto pairs.
But our buddy Mikkel at Converse insisted that I would give it a shot again. There is this legendary sports store by name of 'Smit-Cruyff' in our street and they carry the best soccer classics like Puma King and Adidas Copa Mundial and some sneaker legends like Superga and Converse. More about this store soon. After one week on my new navy blue shoes I feel on top of the world again! The only downside is that the sole is not the classic 'Made in America' - double layer sole - that it used to be. So they are a little less comfortable than back in the days. And although they are a little to fresh for my taste (this will be better after 6 months of wear) I am positive I will never switch brands anymore - not even because it is my 15th pair. And isn't it the same with denim? The character comes with the time your wear it.

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Shachar said...

the same with people... :-)

Menno van Meurs said...

Hahaha just men than!