Friday, August 20, 2010

Denim Book

Finally! There is something new to share with you guys in terms of denim literature. We have been discussing the lack of proper denim books lately. Everything would have been said and some disappointing books came a long for crazy prices. But since this July there is another superb denim title that needs to be added to all our book shelves: 'Jeans Of The Old West: A History 'by Michael Allen Harris . The book gives a special insight in the world of the jeans as a functional workman's overall in the 1800's. Where denim literature is focused on the period after Levi Strauss came into the game, Harris provides a spectacular look on the Old-West denim icluding brands like Greenbaum Brothers, Neustadter Brothers and S.R. Krouse. The first drop of twenty (hard-cover) books will arrive shortly. Reservations are welcome.

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DiGertsi said...

Menno, je mag er voor mij een reserveren! Ben begin september voor 2 weken vanuit denimland Tunesië in Holland en een beoek aan TdN staat toch opt program en wil niet naast het spreekwoordelijke potje pissen wbt dit boek. Contact me anders even op

Menno van Meurs said...