Monday, August 30, 2010

Menno Lumber Co.

Joachim will soon be crowned as the official online King of vintage in The Netherlands. After finishing the Red Wing Shoes store with us in Amsterdam, he kept on searching the net for various (vintage) collectible objects. He came to the store with money bags, lamps, tools, shoe care products, bird cages and other unusual artifacts that somehow seemed to be connected to stuff we do. Joachim ignores our lack of space with such enthusiasm that we welcome around 10 new finds every day - this makes 3650 a year, but anyway. Last week he mailed me what my day of birth was because he found me a present. Because he refused to wait until October he came to Tenue de Nîmes and gave me a small box with this present in it.
The package contained of a an amazing vintage 1940s work apron, made of natural cotton canvas with black graphics of a cartoon man with Menno (my name) Lumber Co. as company logo. Where he finds this kind of stuff? I haven't got a clue. But I know one thing: this guy needs to get in rehab, because otherwise we have the most incredible vintage store of the Netherlands before we know it. More of Joachim's finds at Anothersomething.

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