Thursday, September 2, 2010


Finding the right pair of (sun)glasses is a process that takes time. Compare it to the perfect last of your favorite pair of leather shoes. You simply wish they never change it. At our Grenson factory visit the guys showed us molds that have been used for more than a century. After receiving an email of our friend Jonathan with this wonderful 40's industrial factory mold, I thought back to our trip to the lovely shoe factory in Northamptonshire.

According to the seller, this steel mold was used to fabricate 'horn' glasses. It has the original foundry numbers on the sides and the object seems really heavy - a nice accessory to control those piles of paper on your desk. I can't help to wonder what the glasses were like that have been produced on this collectors piece for decades. Wouldn't it be great to own an original B&L version? I guess it would. Thanks Jonathan for sharing.

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