Thursday, September 9, 2010

Momotaro Vintage label - 9 months

A client of ours by the name of Dagomar is one of the most fanatical denim enthusiasts we have in our clientele. Ten months ago he bought a Momotaro Vintage label, slim fit straight at Tenue de Nîmes. After one soak and his first wash (after 8 months) the pair did not shrink at all, so he decided to trim and chain-stitch them. We were so amazed by the reult of his wear out that we simply wanted to share his adventure with you.

Have a look at this lovely pair that Dagomar recently washed on 40ºC without using any soap. His comment was that he washed it warm because it seems to emphasize the color differences better. It creates a more intense contrast so to say, without having the soap damaging the deep indigo tones and make it 'flat'.

After washing (without centrifuging) he decided to wear his pair immediately while being wet. The jeans basically dried while he wore them during the day. All you denim fetishists will know this, but for those of you who never did something like this: this process will get your body shape into the garment extremely well. Especially when it is done with salted (sea) water.

The coin pocket is always our favorite part of the wear out. Especially when the owner of the jeans uses it for change.

The part where the turn-up touches the leg you will always get these strange holes. This is just because the seam is way stronger than the denim on the leg itself. Compare it to the crotch: It will always break, no matter what kind of tough denim you will wear. The (double) seamed parts are just to strong for the denim that touches it. But hey, any repair will add value to your favorite pair won't it?

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