Wednesday, September 15, 2010

Naked & Famous Stage II

In Spring Rene, Joachim and I started a contest to create the perfect Naked and Famous wear out after seeing Brandon's 'Skinny Guy Broken Twill' after one year of wear. We simply thought we could do a better job. After 3 months of intense wear it felt the right moment to give you the first impression of what happened with the jeans. Joachim will share his interim score at AS soon.
The out seam shows a lovely light blue wear because it is always the part that scratches the stuff you touch wit the upper leg.

Amsterdam is the city of bikes and the crotch reveal some nice damage made by my leather Brooks saddle.

The one thing you don't want in your backpocket when you jump on your bike is scissors. Have a look at the repair on the right back pocket. Luckily our master tailor Mehmet repaired it with another remarkably gentle touch.

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