Tuesday, September 21, 2010

Vintage Perry A-2 Jacket

Over here we are not familiar with good bomber jackets. We associate them with hardcore music and the youth culture around it that was present in the 90's. Paolo Bellini sent us this fine example how a bomber jacket should look like. It is an original Perry Sportswear A-2 Jacket from a 1942 Army Air Corps contract. It features a very special English-made (??) insignia of the 44th Bombardment Group "Flying Eight Balls" embroidered on wool felt.

The 44th Bombardment Group was the first unit to be equipped with the new B-24 four engine bomber during WWII. The complete history of the bombardment group is well documented and can be seen here. A bit of research led me to the photo below. See the second guy from the top left. That is pretty cool, don't you agree?

crew of the 68th squadron - 44th Bombardment Group

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