Thursday, October 7, 2010

Driving home

I'm back! After two weeks of surfing, lovely books (Buyology, M. Lindstrom and Dreams from my father, B. Obama) and of course my lovely family; it feels great to be around again. I almost decided to drive back from Bali when I discovered this amazing Volkswagen "Acapulco" Thing near our hotel in Seminyak.

This orange monster was completely restored and my guess is that it dates back to the early seventies. This particular model was originally designed for the Las Brisas Hotel in Acapulco. This The original version: The Volkswagen 181, was used by the NATO between 1968 and 1979. After '79 they switched to the updated 4-wheel-drive version: The Volkswagen Type 183 IItis because the initial NATO 'Europa Jeep' project was canceled.

According to Wikipedia this 'Acapulco' beauty was originally developed in orange and white (above), yellow and white, green and white, and blue and white. Let's just say we would not mind to ride of of them from now on. More soon.

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Ignacio "Chuk" Solis said...

Do you really surf???
you're a box full of surprises...

Menno van Meurs said...

Hahaha you bet! But I am terrible ;-)