Tuesday, October 12, 2010


When I was was looking around on the net in search of nice examples of (recycled) patch work denim, I came across this 19th century blend of indigo dyed cotton from Japan. The beauty of this sort of methods is that it is simply unique. There is no way one could ever match this pattern because every single piece of fabric is aged on itself, it has a history of wear.

This image shows why we believe a repair of a pair of jeans must never be done with a new piece of fabric, but with textile that aged similarly. Compare it to skin transplantation. Is it that sensitive? Yes it is.

Have a look at this close-up that shows the different fabrics that have been used during time at this particular Japanese 'boro' (cover). Let's all start to repair more instead of throwing away our old garments. This is art. Pictures by 1stdibs through Ounodesign.

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